HF-TS Series:
Pelletizing Extrusions ( Twin Screw )

Applicable materials :


Mainly apply in the thermal polymer compounding field, and we offer customized compounding solutions for any requests

We supply the twin screw compound process with an appropriate dosing system in order to create a high quality output, and we can design a production line to meet the needs of customers based on the differences of materials.


Step1. Select Model
TypeTS-30 Output15-50 KG / HR Screw  Diameter30 mm Extruder7.5-18 KW
TypeTS-41 Output120-220 KG / HR Screw  Diameter41 mm Extruder56-93 KW
TypeTS-57 Output230-500 KG / HR Screw  Diameter57 mm Extruder93-225 KW
TypeTS-76 Output350-750 KG / HR Screw  Diameter76 mm Extruder130-260 KW
TypeTS-91 Output750-1200 KG / HR Screw  Diameter91 mm Extruder260-370 KW
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